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Are you a fresh graduate? Or do you want to try a different line of career? Are you looking for training courses before venturing into the real world of employment? If you enjoy learning and participating in anything that has to do with digital and computer technology, the Information Technology course may be ideal for you. There are numerous competitive IT trainings Cagayan de Oro based institutes available today.

Learn@Fligno is one of the budding facilities for IT training courses in CDO City. Not only do they offer advanced IT training courses, but they are also the brainchild of Fligno, a tech company that provides services related to software, web, and app development and so much more. 

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, also known as BSIT, has long been one of the many popular local courses in universities. The course provides students with essential learning on the principles of computers, its hardware, the input and output, and the operating systems. IT is considered as a subset of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

With the widespread use of advanced technology present in this century, it is almost impossible not to know and get accustomed to some of the basic IT terms and its primary applications. The course has a broad coverage, which is not only applicable to computer development but also in numerous digital devices found in our homes.

What makes studying Information Technology exciting is the fact that it isn’t constant. With the ever-changing needs of human beings and the new methods and resources found, be assured that building something important in the digital world would never be boring. And also better check and get yourself enrolled in a competitive facility to get the best of your learning experience.

With Learn@Fligno, students are assured of gaining advanced learning for IT courses through our extensive IT trainings Cagayan de Oro with our expert team. They are currently holding introductory trainings for Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ubuntu and Robot Framework, and will soon be offering Australian government accredited special courses such as Applied Blockchain. For more details on other training courses available in the coming months, log on to our website at

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