IT Trainings Misamis Oriental – An Intro to Robot Framework

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Robot Framework is a Python-based software program that is considered as an essential tool to run automated tests on newly structured applications. The framework is operated through keywords, acceptance testing, and behavior driven development (BDD). One of the many reasons why IT experts use Robot Framework is because it plays a vital role and a reliable source in testing an application software project.

To get the Robot Framework started, one needs to install the Python and PIP first, then the Robot Framework can then be installed through the command line via PIP install.

Aside from the fact that the software is fast and reliable, non-IT experts can also easily understand the framework compared to other automation scripting languages. The keywords that are used are standard and straightforward, meaning one doesn’t need to have a broad knowledge of Python to run the software.

Once you have started the automation, it will create a log file in HTML format which contains the results of the test. Robot Framework also provides support for web, JAVA, Telnet, and so much more. The framework can be directed to focus on functional test coverage and the structure also supports different types of interfaces, whether it’s new or revised.

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