About Us

It has always been a misconception that building websites can be expensive. Small business owners seem to be intimidated in leveraging Internet platforms, not only because of the ‘supposed cost’ that it may entail, but because of the skill required to manage DIGITAL initiatives.

Fligno’s dedicated people consists of leading-edge professionals who strive as a team. Many of them have worked in large local companies or multinational companies in the past, such as Oracle and IBM. With this high industry experience and knowledge, Fligno ensures the highest quality service, support, and educational training.


To help learners gain the skills needed to achieve their full potential. Fligno wants to help transform lives by empowering people using digital skills, or improving what people have already learned.

Instead of bringing hard-earned and learned IT skills to other regions, Fligno seeks to help people see their full potential and utilizing their skills to make Northern Mindanao progressive. Part of this empowerment is making learners realize that when the region grows, they grow with it because they contributed to its growth.


Fligno’s vision for its training is for learners to take advantage of its courses to complement their present skills or to learn new skills from scratch. Learn@Fligno is committed to provide quality training and learning responsive to the needs not only of individuals but also for Northern Mindanao. Fligno wants to produce globally competitive individuals equipped with the right knowledge and skills that can be used to make Northern Mindanao become one of the top IT hubs of the country.


To become one of the country’s leading training providers.

The training discipline and courses provided by Fligno are proven technologies that are rapidly changing and demand for qualified candidates is high. Therefore, the courses become the learner’s ticket to a better future.

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